Solutions and Services

Solutions & Services

Informed organizations work with VertiGO to safely recycle mobile phones.


ISO 14001 Certified


Our experts evaluate your incoming phones to assess its resale value. Phones and accessories that have little or no value are separated out for destruction. Because these items contain toxic materials, VertiGO works with a wide array of facilities to ensure that every part is recycled and reused to ensure that no materials end up in a landfill. The core technology, including the motherboard and all wiring, is shredded and melted down so that the precious metals can be reused.

  • Strict, no landfill policy
  • Commitment to responsible reuse
  • Certificate of destruction
  • Free recycling


VertiGO uses an extensive global network of buyers to maximize the value of your phones. Each of our clients receives a full inventory report detailing the make, model, value and condition of each phone. Our clients receive payment in 30 days or less after their shipment arrives to our facility.

  • Full Payment in less than 30 days
  • Flexible program to direct funds to your cost center, preferred charity or cellular bill
  • Sending your retired phones to VertiGO is simple. Each client is given access to the RECOVER™ dashboard. From the dashboard, clients may securely:
    • Print or request pre-paid shipping labels
    • Request recovery kit materials
    • Track devices as they are processed
    • View various reports regarding asset disposition
    • Track buy-back payments
    • Review or print destruction certification of devices