Solutions and Services

Solutions & Services

Organizations need to have a plan tailored to their specific needs to ensure wireless devices are handled in a way that does not compromise sensitive information or impact the local environment.

Simply storing phones, destroying them or throwing them away fails to solve four key challenges posed by these devices:

  • Securing gigabytes of corporate and personal data left on these devices
  • Environmental impact of the toxic materials in each phone
  • Maximizing the value of retired devices and how to best recover it
  • Tracking assets at the end of lifecycle for compliance or regulatory purposes

The VertiGO RECOVER™ process addresses each of these challenges securely, simply, responsibly and often at no cost to the client. In fact, most of our clients receive significant value for the devices through our buy-back program.

That’s right. We pay you to deliver these services.

VertiGO RECOVER™ provides solutions and services to the following business sectors:

Government Services

Government or military organizations and the companies that service them have specific demands when it comes to recycling used mobile devices.

That‘s why VertiGO’s RECOVER™ for Government is the clear choice for delivering unparalleled services and expertise for government agencies, contractors and civil organizations. Our phone recycling solutions directly address critical issues of security, tracking and environmental responsibility unique to the public sector.

Military Grade

As one of the most established mobility contractors to the US government and military and core to VertiGO, we not only understand how important information security is, but understand the regulatory landscape and how to best comply with established standards such as Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). In fact, our recycling practices were originally designed to comply with existing military and civilian organizations and are secure to that standard.

With proven solutions and deep mobile consulting expertise, VertiGO has helped dozens of government and military organizations navigate complex recycling policy issues.

We can drive an important discussion of technology and compliance within your organization. We understand and deliver solutions to the public sector operating in numerous theaters around the world and can assist your organization in adapting to a rapidly changing landscape.

In addition to the services we offer corporate clients, VertiGO serves the unique needs of the public sector with:

  • Secure onsite handling of devices
  • Cleared personnel
  • Knowledge of applicable standards and policies
  • Intra-agency distribution of devices to extend lifecycle or replace broken devices
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Recycling used mobile phones makes good business sense. Yet only a small number of businesses recycle their devices causing clutter, security risks, and possible environmental impact. In fact, companies and organizations are retiring more than one billion mobile phones every year but recycling only 10% of these phones. Older devices get set aside, thrown away and sometimes donated once a shiny new phone is acquired. Savvy managers know that recycling with a trusted partner makes more sense for these four reasons:

Old phones create clutter

Mobile phones are retired at an astounding rate. Many devices get upgraded every 18-24 months. Those retired devices pile up on desks, in drawers and closets. Many customers report their employees have two or three old phones each in their desks.

Abandoned or donated phones are a security risk

Smartphones are like any other computer and can contain confidential and sensitive information, like emails, passwords, and contact information. When these phones are retired, anyone can retrieve this information if it’s not removed promptly and effectively. Users may do their best to delete this data, however, it may remain at risk if not treated by a trained specialist.

Improperly recycled, donated or land-filled phones pose environment threats

Wireless phone batteries and other components are toxic and pose significant environmental risk. Without proper handling, these materials end up in landfills and can contaminate land and water.

Some used phones, especially Smartphones retain value

A portion of retired phones still have value, either with refurbishment, or by recycling some components. Many companies enter into buyback programs to allow for free recycling and a share of the remaining value of the devices. More and more, organizations are solving these problems by recycling their phones with VertiGO Solutions, a worldwide leader in mobility solutions. VertiGO offers peace of mind with an unmatched end-to-end recycling and buy-back program.

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Educators and administrators are under increasing pressure to deliver better services on ever diminishing budgets.

Federal Matching Funds

VertiGO is an E-Rate program administrator. E-rate is a Federal program that provides matching funds to qualified schools for the purchase of mobile devices. VertiGO is the ONLY mobile phone recycler in the US qualified as an E-Rate administrator. Contact us at to find out how VertiGO can combine recycling dollars with federal matching funds to lower, or in some cases, eliminate the cost of your telecom upgrades.

With millions of phones being retired each year, administrators have a responsibility to ensure their phones are handled in a way that doesn't impact sensitive information or contaminate the local environment. Often they are unaware that these devices can be a source of value to help stretch budgets. Many of these phones retain value that can be converted into revenue and are used to upgrade to newer technology. To properly tackle these issues, educational organizations need a trusted partner and a simple program. VertiGO works with educational organizations of all sizes to help them protect academic records and private data. We also deliver a green solution that doesn't cost you anything. In fact, we actually put money back into your telecom budget so faculty and administrators can reinvest in the latest wireless devices and accessories.

Protect Sensitive Data

We understand how important the integrity and security of academic records are to educational organizations. And as more faculty and administrators use mobile technology in the workplace, these devices present a real security risk. At VertiGO, the data on received phones is destroyed through a comprehensive triple-check removal process to ensure that sensitive and private information is permanently deleted. Phones are restored to the factory settings, and again checked for quality control purposes to ensure that all user identifiable information is removed. Many educational organizations depend on VertiGO to handle this often-complex process

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Managed Service Provider's (MSP's)

With our managed mobility heritage we know what’s going on in today’s mobile market and are capable of helping you influence clients as to what comes next. We help MSP’s expand their client dialogue and drive adoption of new mobile products.

With substantial experience supporting leading MSP’s in the implementation of branded asset retirement and recovery products, we have an unmatched record that includes many industry firsts. And our bench of world-class talent is committed to helping you develop new product offerings for your clients. We bring the knowledge, experience, passion and commitment to quality that has made us an influential leader in mobile recycling.

  • White branded services
  • Custom branded portal for client tracking and compliance reporting
  • Flexible value recovery streams including transaction splits (customer / charity / client)
  • Branded on-site secure data wipe and recovery for security conscious clients
  • Global operations
  • Implementation of intra-company redistribution programs for replacement of broken or lost phones

To find out more about our programs for MSP's or to become a VertiGO dealer, please contact us.

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With HIPAA guidelines in place, it is critical for healthcare facilities to maintain a secure level of data. Retired phones store confidential information on them and keeping them in storage is a risky proposition. Erasing that information in a secure and responsible way is duty that healthcare facilities and companies owe to their patients and staff.

VertiGO RECOVER™ understand those concerns and is dedicated to providing the necessary support, facilities, certification and documentation required to ensure the process is done correctly.

VertiGO RECOVER™ also provides returned value on all retired mobile devices. By participating in a very simple process, healthcare organizations can receive huge value on their mobile assets, providing additional revenue towards the bottom line.

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